Fakultet za sport i turizam iz Novog Sada

Prof dr Dragica Tomka

Faculty of Sport and Tourism from Novi Sad

Bachelor of Tourism, doctor of science in tourism, full time professor of the university, co-founder of the Faculty of Sport and Tourism from Novi Sad. The field of research and interest is tourism, anthropology of tourism, cultural tourism, development planning and programming of services in tourism, cultural spaces, interdisciplinarity and systemic approach to tourism, conflicts in tourism and quality of life. She is the creator and innovator in programming research and conceiving new study programs.

Predmeti za sećanja

Proleće je doba kada obično planiramo svoja putovanja – proletnja, letnja, ali i zimska. Dok planiramo svoja putovanja u naš izbor se umešaju tragovi sećanja na neka prošla putovanja, ono što smo doživeli, prijatna i ono ne baš prijatna iskustva. A neki momenti nam ostaju dugo ili večito u sećanju. Ti momenti koji se usade u duboku memoriju nas... More »

Travelodge: Brazil - Beyond the symbols and screens

I believe that the everyone’s first associations of Brazil are  Copacabana and carnival in Rio, samba, favelas, the statue of Christ on the Corcovado above Rio, Pele and football, Brazilian coffee and Amazonia, rainforests... There are untouched spaces, about which we know nothing or almost nothing and in which several tens of indigenous tribes still live today. Brazil is a large... More »

EXCLUSIVE: Patagonia and Antarctica

Travelling around South America to Antarctica and back. The journey through Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, from 35°C to -2°C and back to 35°C. Two continents, six countries, three oceans or spaces gathered in one travel program... The meeting and the feeling of five elements – earth, water, air, fire and ether! This was one of those journeys that you “come up... More »

Kirghizia – a beautiful mountain flower

Kirghizia is only one in a series of territories belonging to the Silk Road, the road which caravans have passed, where nations have been mixed, goods, experiences and values exchanged, merging the Far East and the Middle East with the Mediterranean. It is a mountainous and sparsely populated country, so to nature, wildlife and mountain lovers who come more and more often in this region, bed... More »

Sardinia: The wealth of history surrounded by the sea

Although islands immediately make people think of sea, blue colour, swimming, for me they are parts of previous cultures torn away from the rapid transience of life. Somehow always, with no exception, I find on islands deep fragments of the former processes of nature, history, culture and lifestyles. Sardinia is such an island, where I saw, experienced, imprinted so many hidden, suppressed... More »

Journey through Algeria - A treasure of diversity

All the impressions from my trip to Algeria could be divided into five segments. The first impression is the excitement of life in which the traces of different times, cultures, customs and lifestyles of the great cities of Algeria in the northern Mediterranean area intertwine. The next strong impression is the deep experience of the living space preservation of the great Roman Empire... More »

New trends - Soul tourism increasingly challenging for travelers

Slowly but increasingly appear passengers who choose unknown places and engage in unknown situations. On the Internet appear some destinations that offer soul tourism, soul experience, soul hospitality. It's not the same as with a smile. The smile can be learned, but the touch of two souls is always spontaneous, without expectation, without great plans – engaging in the situation... More »

Central America: Finding the simplicity of living

Squeezed between large and vast North America and long South America, between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific, in tropics, Central America is silent, insufficiently strong, scattered... However, Central America is a distinct continent, which has always been and remains its own. Rich history, culture, very diverse nature, specific settlements and authentic people... Central America is still... More »

Travel by following a coffee aroma

My longstanding desire is to meet South America, primarily Peru and Bolivia. But when I saw a travel program for Colombia, I realized that I would be able to experience some of the spirit, history, culture and nature of South America in Colombia. And I wasn’t wrong. Black, wide opened eyes of the boys of the Taironas tribe, which we have visited, will live forever in me as a longing, as... More »

Serbia from the touroperator's point of view

In recent years, among foreign visitors in Serbia, there is an increasing number of Slovenian tourists, who, by experiencing the magic of Belgrade, tend to feel the pleasant hospitality of the Balkan and Serbia in other places. Travel agency Van Gogh from Maribor continuously and strategically brings Slovenians, and also people from Italy and Spain to Serbia. It was our wish to find out from... More »

Difuse hotels - for modern nomads

The idea and the name of the “scattered” hotel originated in the 1980's in Italy. The idea emerged from the need to revive small, old, partly abandoned rural settlements, many of which kept visible traces of cultural heritage in themselves. The basic step was to help the numerically impoverished settlements to help with common presentation, development of ideas, promotion,... More »

On the silk road through northeast China

I passed more than 6,000 km of the Silk Route through northern and western China and northeastern Kyrgyzstan. I was in the Gobi desert, in a protected nature park, passed through the Taklaman desert, which is called for no reason “A place of no return”, revealed the impressive natural attraction of the Gansu and Tianshan regions – the great mountain wreaths stretching south... More »

Japan - some other worlds

After a 14-days trip I came back from Japan full of unexpected impressions, and perhaps more than ever, full of questions, dilemmas, thoughts that still encourage me to seek the diversity of life, understanding of the world, situations, everyday life. This trip, more than any one before, taught me to accept diversity, but in a deep, sincere way. To accept it and love it, because without this... More »

Mongolia – country of ostensible uniformity

Mongolia - a country of vast expanse, sparsely populated, keeps traces of many ancient cultures in its territory. Capital city is Ulaanbaatar (Ulaanbaatar – Red Hero) in which lives about 50 percent of a total of 2.7 million inhabitants. Like all big cities it is a mixture of tradition and modern life, eastern and western cultures. In the center is the 21st century, and in the mountains... More »

Ladakh - experience of small in spacious!

Ladakh is a region in the state of Jammu-Kashmir, in the far northern part of India in the Himalayas, in the northern part of the valley of the river Ind. It borders with Pakistan and China. The word Ladakh means "Land of the high ridge," because Ladakh is situated at altitudes of 3,000 to 5,600 meters above sea level, with playful mountain ranges, peaks and folds. Highest road in... More »

Madagascar – country of simple life

In Madagascar, only 12 hours of flying away, there are no costly hotels, romantic deck chairs among the palm trees, most visited museums, long lines to the world’s famous paintings, sculptures and pyramids. Madagascar is a country for all those who want to remain true to themselves and who can, without expectations and anxieties, indulge in the experience of nature and life of lemurs,... More »

Traveler - the third or first pebble of the trip?

The word tourism today most often causes an uncomfortable reminder of the mass, the density, industry, strict rules in offering something that should not be so strict. Tourism has separated from his essence. It is not the only one. It has become a self-identity that has its own rules, spaces, measurable results. It captures all areas of the Earth and the growing mass of people. By the visible... More »

Tourism becomes creator of experiences

After a trip to Laos, where I was deeply touched by the encounter with the girl in whose eyes I read grief for the loss of life rhythm that we – tourists have caused, I began to observe and study the other dimensions of tourism as a phenomenon of traveling humanity, fully aware that the future of tourism must be governed by the rules of anthropological respect for people and lifestyles.... More »