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Egejska regija Turske: Raj za sladokusce i ljubitelje vina
19. April 2024
Kada kažemo maslinovo ulje, morski plodovi i vina raskošnog ukusa, najčešće...

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  • Magnus Jansson
    Magnus Jansson
    President/CEO, Mastercare, Švedska

    A superb magazine. I am astounded by the very high quality in paper and printing, and such good articles which also are possible to be read in English. I congratulate you to a fantastic job performance, and wish you a future great success! I am enjoying reading your magazine...

  • Jeannine Litmanowicz
    Jeannine Litmanowicz
    CEO at Magic Balkans, Israel

    As every time a new magazine of Turisticke Svet emerges to the world, I wait for my copy to rejoice with the information and see the fabulous pictures and quality of all the magazine... now that it is finally translated to English, I see that it is a wonderful opportunity for all of us involved in the tourism field.
    What an extraordinary addition to learn, enjoy and rejoice in this fabulous magazine! Certainly, a blessing to have it now in the English edition.
    Looking forward to having the newest copy in my hands already!

  • Jelena i Bora Jović
    Jelena i Bora Jović
    Vinski podrum Malča

    Congratulations to the Editorial Board for perseverance and team professionalism in each segment. Love for the work you do brings you to the very top of tourism journalism, where you have been spending 15 years, and we believe that you will be there for a long time, and that you will have many great successes to celebrate. Thank you for being here, because tourism without good marketing could not live.

  • Olivera Imbronović
    Olivera Imbronović
    direktor hotela Prezident, Palić

    Congratulations for quality, love, energy and a superior sense of satisfaction, both professional and spiritual. With you, our Serbian tourism world is rich.

  • Milica Lukić
    Milica Lukić
    diplomirani turizmolog

    I have read the magazine for 5 years, and thanks to modern technology today, I follow the magazine on all devices. I've already tried the app and I'm happy to recommend it to friends. Although I have been trying for five years to follow the trends in tourism, both in Serbia and in the world, also following several websites and foreign journals, it is nice that there is a team from the Turistički Svet to summarize all the novelties in one place.

  • Carol i Jeff Fleming
    Carol i Jeff Fleming
    Exclusive Spa Group, Australija

    "Thank you so very much for the opportunity to be part of your fabulous publication. Congratulations - what a magnificent magazine. This is truly a publication with global reach."