Ivana Banović Đorđević d.i.a.


Architect at the VEMEX PROJEKT Beograd company.  

Hotels and aesthetics: Wake up senses, spark emotions…

Humans’ need for beautiful dates back to prehistory, when they began to decorate their tools and weapons. From that moment on, they have significantly separated them from other beings and begun to evolve, expressing themselves through art and the perception of aesthetics. Beauty criteria have changed many times throughout history, of which art and design testify most. Apart... More »

Hotel design: Lighting in hotels

Light is that what makes the forms visible, from the beginning of the world, light is connected with mysticism, goodness, knowledge. Symbolically, but also realistically, with the help of light, we unravel the world around us. At the time of the first man, only light came from the sun and celestial bodies, and later from fire, too. Today, there are countless different types of light sources... More »

The new type of modern hotels: „Scattered hotels“

If we analyze the typology of hotels, we will discover that the hotel types have remained the same for almost a century. Is it in the era of postmodern tourism that hotels need to offer clients something more and different in spatial and organizational terms? At the time when the journey became part of the "life-style", does a user need to feel the authenticity of the place in which... More »

Hotels and libraries: Reading salons – the forgotten symbol of prestige

Modern hotels, regardless of category, can hardly be imagined without fast internet, satellite television and modern TVs. If it is a hotel of high category, it is obligatory to offer a luxury spa, swimming pool, fitness room and gym, as well as congress halls. Yet, the most luxuriously equipped space in a hotel was not a presidential suite or a prestigious restaurant, but a library or a... More »

Hotel design: Eco resorts - In conjunction with nature

Recognizing the problem of increasing pollution and the overload of our beautiful planet, leads to the desire to include the principles of sustainable development in all segments of life, education and work. Hotels built from natural materials, supplied with energy from renewable sources and hotels that own their own wastewater treatment systems, are certainly a true tourist... More »

City hotels - center of events, symbol of prestige

In the distant past until the beginning of the last century, hotels and inns in urban areas were located along the main roads and railways, and had provided a service that was reduced to lodging or meal, for guests who needed a rest during the journey. During the last century, city hotels have become homes of artist's who lived and work there. Today, a stay in city hotels, regardless of... More »

Hotel exterior: master pieces or symbols of bad taste and kitsch?!

Each hotel facility represents an aesthetically unbreakable whole in the eyes of guests, both indoors and exterior, as well as services and comfort. As much as hoteliers try to present hotel’s content through media and the internet and no matter how important hotel’s interior is, most people experience it only as a "building" or externally, without ever being a guest or... More »

Shine of hotel suites

In accordance with the need to accommodate even the most demanding category of guests, hoteliers and designers create most luxurious units in a hotel – hotel suites. Apart from other demanding parts of a hotel, such as lobby, restaurants or spas, suites are very delicate and special, and we always associate them with a special guest, an important person, or high category hotels. More »

Congress facilities – driver of a destination development

Regardless of whether they are large congressional hotels or smaller buildings that offer additional space for meetings and seminars, these facilities significantly influence the quality of the environment, or the entire area in which they are located. With rational planning of capacities and sustainability, hotels need to offer to potential users a quality designed and pleasant space. More »

Hotel pools - Above the sea or at the top of the skyscraper...

Modern hotels today could not be imagined without a pool. Once pool was a place for swimming, but today it is a matter of prestige to have such beautiful designed space with a swimming pool, which in addition to its primary function, becomes a place for relaxation. If it teams up with lighting, sound, greenery, aromatherapy – the pool can offer the enjoyment of all senses, regardless of... More »

Good design is a must!

Whether it is a luxury hotel from a large hotel chain or a budget hotel, a guest will expect from the interior design to be good and comfortable. This certainly must be achieved regardless of the materials used in the design, because it, along with the service, impacts on sales. Just as you dress for a business meeting in accordance with your status and the impression you want to leave to the... More »

Lobby is a sign of recognition of a hotel

The lobby is the first thing you see when you enter the hotel, and there is only one chance to leave the first impression. This space suggests what we can expect. We can assume what rooms and restaurants are like but, above all, what kind of service we can expect. Decoration of lobby and entrance of the hotel clearly needs to show the type, category and level of the hotel. One must give... More »

Lights in hotels - Magic that revives and adds value

In addition to desire to adequately illuminate a space, to fit properly lighting in an interior design, or to further beautify it by choosing the right type of lighting, we should take into account the details such as: energy savings, environmental impact in terms of light pollution and impact on global warming. Today there is a great variety of the high energy class lighting that saves energy... More »

Hotel restaurants – Design of a restaurant as a support to food and drinks

Restaurant interiors must be interesting and appealing, with one or many details skilfully combined in order to give us a clear visual message in what kind of environment we are, and what kind of food we can expect. When a guest sits at the table, attention should be focused on his food and company, not on the space, which could be achieved by the creation of micro spaces and lighting. More »

Architecture in synergy with water

Water as an element in different cultures is a powerful element and has a symbolic meaning. The element of water is associated with emotional depth, the source of life, but also for the large-scale destruction. The force of water, its energy and its power of attraction are the characteristics that are commonly used when it comes to applications in space. The incidence of water can be diverse.... More »

“Green hotels” - blue Planet

Plants, gardens and green roofs have largely positive impact on the environment and on energy consumption on the premises, if their planting is planned and purposeful. It is indisputable that the green buffer zone protects against noise, excessive insolation during summer, a gust of winds in the winter, while the green facades and roofs provide additional thermal insulation of the building.... More »

Spaces devoted to children in hotels - For joyful children and happy parents

Planning and design of hotel kindergartens, playrooms or living areas for children depend on the type, location, category and capacity of the hotel. Both hotels and resorts of high category intended for family vacations, offer a number of facilities for children: kindergartens, swimming schools, water parks, child-friendly spas, creative workshops, discos, sports schools… Within... More »

Hotels and restaurants specialized in wedding celebrations

In the second half of the last century for wedding celebrations were used restaurant halls of major city hotels or a larger restaurants, which is also practiced in the world. In the last 15 years, because of insufficient capacity or an inadequate layout of these facilities people have built halls to be used only for wedding celebrations. Due to its specific purpose, investors have an interest... More »

Spas - Attractive design, a quality plus!

Spas in hotels may have different positions, forms, content. They are usually positioned in the underground floor of the object because of rationality – weight of water in the pool and hot tubs is an additional burden for the construction if they are on the higher floors. Part of interior that can make an impression in this area is certainly ceiling with lighting, where it also has to be... More »

Organization and design of a hotel room - Quick and easy to a new look!

During an operation of the hotel facility, quality of space declines on two levels. The first level is the material and it implies to fraying of the furniture, fixtures and flooring, fouling, reducing the functionality of technical equipment and installations. The second level is aesthetic or stylistic, where parts decorating the building go "out of fashion", visually cease to... More »

Hotel parks design - green roofs, flower walls...

Spring is the time associated with the awakening of nature, and designers are inspired with its colors and spirit to use shapes and colors that are attributed to it. The freshness of young green leaves and grass, specific green color and delicate color and lightness of the first flowers and blooming trees are present in the natural, but also urban landscapes - the shop windows, in the locker... More »

Hotel chains and visual identity - With standards to recognition

Hotel chains that have been on the market or under development have formed their own standards, not only when it comes to quality of service and content, but also the quality of space and visual identity. Standardization of these elements helps hoteliers to save time (when choosing interior elements) and money (serial production and unified design are always more economical), ensures that they... More »

New Years and Christmas decoration - Lavish, rich and associative...

In preparations for a New Year's holidays, hoteliers have challenging task to bring into their hotels a holiday spirits. New Year’s Eve decoration allows exaggeration in every sense. It should be rich, full and associative. The most common decoration in hotel is a classic, traditional Christmas tree decorated with shiny ornaments and lights. In the sense of style, the best is to... More »

SPA – a challenge for architects

Spa area in a hotel shouldn’t be burdened with details that distract or bring us in any way back into everyday life. There should be avoided photographs, too bright lights and mirrors. We will not go wrong if we choose to decorate a space for fitness in a modern and minimalist way, with added elements of nature and greenery. Beauty section should exude elegance, with more details and... More »

A reconstruction of hotels

Reconstruction of hotel properties is very complex issue and represents complicated, often time-consuming, but very challenging process. If the job is done right, results could be stunning, as is the case with the luxury hotels like Esplanade, aman Grand Canale and Kempinski Palace mentioned in this text, or the hotels Izvor, Moskva and Crowne Plaza, each specific case and worth of case study... More »