Srpski wellness ambasador, osnivač WAPF-wellness akademije

Peđa Filipović

Serbian wellness ambassador, founder of WAPF-wellness academy

The first wellness ambassador of Serbia, who for decades has been engaged in the education of wellness and spa therapists and creating a treatment brands (in SH Banja Koviljača, Ribarska, Prolom and Lukovska Banja). In the hotel Kraljevi Čardaci Spa in Kopaonik, beside the education of therapists, he created the first selfness concept "Gnothi seauton" and branded treatment "Fifth element of Kraljevi Čardaci", while in the Hotel Mediteran in Bečići, he created a wellness concept, as well as the ritual brand "Montenegro - Mediterranean massage". In Terme Olimia in Slovenia and Terme Tuhelj in Croatia, he educated therapists for author's WAPF treatments and created the brand of rituals "Kalma" and "Touch of Tuhelj".

Mocushi wellness ritual

To follow vibrations of time, guests’ needs, affinities of the following generations, rhythm of life, world trends and to weave them into a modern wellness concept, is a task of all of us who are active in our creative workshops. And above all, it is important to give them their own trade mark as well as to the country we live in and which we represent. And our aim is to preserve... More »

The Touch of Spirit - new cosmetics collection by WAPF

In the thirtieth year of practice of the author's massage school Professional, the creation of massage and wellness concepts of the Wellness Academy Peđa Filipović - WAPF, rituals for wellness centers of special hospitals, spas, hotels in Serbia and the whole region - was born a new author collection of professional products and cosmetics Dodir duše, in which there is a range of... More »

Cannabis wellness ritual: Magic journey with Cannabis oil

Serbian wellness guru Peđa Filipović created a special wellness ritual based on cannabis. Cannabis oil, due to its specific composition and high concentration of natural antioxidants, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and various other important ingredients, has a very beneficial effect on human health. This precious oil nourishes the skin from the outside, but it also has an extremely... More »

Maderotherapy wellness ritual

The region was affected by a Madero therapeutic fever. In salons, wellness centers, hotels, guests often ask: Do you do massage with a rolling pin? That is why this original Colombian idea of mechanotherapy is becoming more often included in wellness and spa centers. More »

Little things that mean so much

Rooms for massages, treatments and rituals require a special dedication. Details play a great role so special attention should be paid to fragrances, lighting, music, hygiene and temperature, with the inevitable satisfaction of taste sensations and contact with clients. More »

Prolom spa: new wellness story

Two years ago, Planinka Company’s general manager Radovan Raičević informed me that in Prolom Banja they create a new, large wellness center and asked me to look at the architectural plan and suggest what should be added or removed there. The nights were passing by the vigil over the drawings and ideas, arrangements and suggestions were born. Today, the drawing is materialized and a... More »

Miraculous moxa

A holistic approach to a man in the wellness philosophy weaves the most beautiful patterns. Just because it is relieved of geographic borders, a time when technique originated, outside the template of execution, but conditioned by a good knowledge of therapists who apply them. In this integrated approach, where the physical from the spiritual and mental cannot be separated, eastern knowledge... More »

Golden rules for therapists

To make wellness center’s guests feel comfortable, it is essential that therapists take care of hygiene and their visual identity, to respect certain rules of conduct, work duties and ethical norms. More »

Good manners for stress-free relaxation

The very idea to visit the wellness and spa centers are born in those moments when we cry out for relaxation and taking time for ourselves and loved ones. The step from everyday life, full of stress, responsibilities, chasing time, opens the door of expectation that we will in those selected object fulfill such a simple wish. Given the fact that these centers are oasis of peace and well-being... More »

Authors wellness brand of Serbia - Angelic touch of water

Healing effect of water has been known since time immemorial. Staying in hot water relieves the muscles, ligaments, joints, as well as the cardiovascular system. It caresses the soul and purifies thoughts... To enjoy in the water and feel how it neutralizes each atom of stress, negative energy accumulated due to daily duties and rhythm of modern life it is not required neither a Jacuzzi tub... More »

Seven pulsations – sound massage with Tibetan bowls

Vibration of sound occupies a very important place in holistic wellness and selfness concepts worldwide. Special beauty of a sound massage with Tibetan bowls lies in its powerful effect on the physical, mental and spiritual being, but equally on the energy. Special methods of the sound control on the body and about ten centimeters above it in specific directions clean the aura of energy... More »

Pioneer of Serbia's health wellness tourism

Ten years ago, Pedja Filipovic - initiator of the wellness concept in Serbia, was given the opportunity to participate in the birth of medical wellness tourism of our country, when former manager of the Special Rehabilitation Hospital "Banja Koviljača" presented him the idea of building and launching wellness center "Kovilje" within the hospital. More »

Selfness concept „Gnothi Seauton“ - for stylish hedonists

Serbian Wellness guru Peđa Filipović, incorporated the first selfness concept in our region - "Gnothi seauton" (Get to know yourself) at the "Kraljevi čardaci Spa" on Kopaonik. The pecificity of the concept is the individual approach to each guest – his needs, state of stress, possible health problems, years of age and affinities for scents, tastes and activities. More »

Trip to the self-center

Selfness massages are based on a holistic (integral) approach. Treatments carry combinations of various techniques within themselves, and in front of the therapist who decides to work in selfness, a lot of work on himself and learning takes place. Treatments are rich in breathing exercises, which are the postulate of restoring the body in balance and tranquility, stretching, which is practiced... More »