Mocushi wellness ritual

Mocushi wellness ritual

To follow vibrations of time, guests’ needs, affinities of the following generations, rhythm of life, world trends and to weave them into a modern wellness concept, is a task of all of us who are active in our creative workshops. And above all, it is important to give them their own trade mark as well as to the country we live in and which we represent. And our aim is to preserve health, nurture it, remove tiredness and legs’ tumescence after long walking, skiing, to prevent muscle inflammation with both athletes recreational sportsmen, and help them to carry on as light as a feather the next day with their favourite activities, to be their guide to the magical harmony of the body, mind, and spirit.

Listening to the world and the demands of young people, who are increasingly frequent consumers of wellness beauties, in my education I have studied vacuum massage techniques, known as – cupping. Experience has shown that it is equally appreciated by all generations, and that many years ago, when, unfortunately, everything from the East was differently perceived and not very popular, elderly clients had experienced, practised and met the ventusa.

With the desire to move the inner borders for a greater good and continue the journey of holistic approach to a man, I was sure that in one ritual of wellness the vacuum gets important if it is in synergy with powerful wormwood, as well as with a beneficial Japanese shiatsu.

A journey through MOCUSHI ritual

A journey through MOCUSHI ritual starts with a moxa therapy. With exercises of deep breathing and harmonization of the flow of life energy through the body, the therapist starts slowly with the warming of the body. The heated body, good blood circulation at the cellular level, are important for health – say ancient masters of eastern medicine. I have chosen an indirect moxa therapy, with a compressed wormwood stick. Heating of acupuncture points on the back and paying special attention to the individual approach to the client. More intensive warming of back parts that are tougher, cooler, more sensitive... And then to squeeze out the sadness if there is one, by relaxation of the lungs and bronchi, to soften the "tension of the heart muscle", to channel the anger from the liver and gallbladder, to relax very important lower back, give a significant contribution to immunity, calm the tension of the sciatic nerve, to awake everything that is deeply suppressed in who knows which folder of our lives... Or just, make skin receptors, muscle involucres, and muscles warm and relaxed. We all know how much the heat relaxes the whole body, mind, soul, and how big the contribution it has to anti stress effects. Surely wormwood itself vibrates differently, warms, if applied with love, devotedly or just without attention. Working with colleagues’ therapists I insist, besides knowledge, on an active heart and empathy in their work.

After this sophisticated preparation that gives an aroma-therapeutic tone to the whole ambience (and it was confirmed that the burning moxa smoke cleans the energy of the space), I included a light myofascial massage using Healing touch oil from the Touch of spirit WAPF collection in which eucalyptus, with the addition of the highest quality natural oils dominates. In order to thoroughly relax muscle involucres, and the tense muscles through them, vacuum massage with adjustable silicone cups is a continuation of the ritual. Following especially the postulate of lymphatic drainage, vacuum massage starts in full force. I avoided placing cups and blue rings that client would take away as a „decoration “from the treatment. I let this part to the cupping to which this beneficial and therapeutic effect belongs.

Prevention, care and contribution to sports

Now you can notice and feel a significant change: the lungs have more space to open, the body has better blood flow, it is softer, the heart has better rhythm, the tension has diminished and gave its place to a general relaxation and light snooze.

Shiatsu comes at the end. We now clearly notice where there are possible congestions in the flow of Qi – life energy through the system of 14 main energy meridians. Where there is still a spasm, block and which part of the body cries for the energy flow,it is colder, of weaker tonus. Through the system of dosed stretching of the meridians, the release of each joint in particular (and they are our important "energy gates") I make an introduction into harmonization and stimulation of the tsuboa – acu points on the meridians.

Although I created this for wellness centres, with the aim of preventing, nursing, and as a contribution to sports, it carries the main postulate in it – don’t do any harm. This is possible only by knowing and respecting the indications and contraindications for its application. In case of inflammation, enlarged veins, high blood pressure, multiple sclerosis, pulmonary processes on the skin, diabetes, any bleeding and serious blood vessel diseases, this is not a ritual of choice.

MOCUSHI wellness ritual was introduced exclusively in September 2018 at Kraljevi čardaci spa hotel on Kopaonik, where therapists are the only one in Serbia with the licence to practice it.