About us

TURISTIČKI SVET - For those who want to be successful and to last!

When in August 2002, Gastro Print Ltd. Belgrade (established in 1999), published the first issue of a specialized magazine for modern hospitality & tourism Turistički Svet, no one could ever guess that one day Turistički Svet would become one of a kind media brand, more recognizable than the company that made it. And 12 years later, in 2014, the company spontaneously took over the name of its brand, so today Turistički Svet Ltd Belgrade, business company for publishing, marketing, consulting and engineering – the publisher of homonymous magazine with the 15 years long tradition, high reputation in the industry and many loyal readers – is a proud member of the ALCO Group, one of the most eminent companies in Serbia.

Thanks to its professionalism, innovative projects and honest business policies, Turistički Svet have gained over the years its reputation and exclusive position in hotel and tourism industry of Serbia and positioned itself as:

• Publisher of the magazine for modern hospitality and tourism TURISTIČKI SVET – the first registered specialized media for modern hospitality in Serbia;

• Author and owner of the first business portal in Serbia dedicated to the professionals in hotel and tourism industry - www.turistickisvet.com;

• Establisher and organizer of the yearly Forum of Hotel Managers, organized since the 2002, by the Editorial board of the magazine Turistički Svet, in cooperation with the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Singidunum University, as well as many large-scale conferences for a representatives of hotel and tourism industry;

• Founder of the reputable awards „Ambassadors of Quality Service“ for the most successful hotels in Serbia, a kind of an hospitality Oscar in Serbia;

• Organizer of many seminars for managers of hotel and restaurant industry with consultants of international repute;

• Founder of the Wellness & Spa Fest in Serbia, dedicated to health, beauty and prevention, intended for education of all generations of population about healthy life styles, through sophisticated promotion of wellness, SPA and beauty industry, medical tourism, wellness destinations, healthy products, many performances, games, exercises and fun…. Thanks to its innovative concept, great number of participants and visitors, messages and effects, but the most of all media attention, it is rated as a strong support to the synergy of the strongest world industries of the future – health care and tourism. The first Wellness & Spa Fest was the most successful event at the International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad in 2015. The second Wellness & Spa Fest, more successful than the first, with significantly innovated content, more than hundred of direct participants in ten-hour long program and great number of visitors – was held at Belgrade, in front of the Ušće shopping centre, on May 21, 2016.

• Publisher of many specialized handbooks for the hotel staff trainings, among which are: unique handbook "HACCP in hospitality" and the only handbook for the hotel housekeeping staff trainings in 5 stars hotels – "Efficient hotel housekeeping" and others;

• Author of the new exclusive tourism brand "Serbian Royal Spas" (as well as the eponymous monograph on Serbian and English language), under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Aleksandar II, including a unique passport of royal spas, etc.;

• Founder of the vocational Association "Ambassadors of Quality Service" with the aim to contribute to the development and advancement of quality standards in hotel and tourism industry and to make personnel in this industry more prepared for work in the market, where the quality is the entry ticket for competitors match, and profit the most significant measure of success.


There are many projects, as much as challenges, for the mission of Turistički Svet is to be the media and business support for selected ones, for people with vision in hotel and tourism industry, who have chosen the professionalism, knowledge and quality as their trade mark and who have decided to be successful and, the most of all – TO LAST!

Management of the Turistički Svet made that decision back in 1999!