Tourism becomes creator of experiences

After a trip to Laos, where I was deeply touched by the encounter with the girl in whose eyes I read grief for the loss of life rhythm that we – tourists have caused, I began to observe and study the other dimensions of tourism as a phenomenon of traveling humanity, fully aware that the future of tourism must be governed by the rules of anthropological respect for people and lifestyles. Explorers and more conscious travelers have awoken. Tourism is slowly but surely becoming a creator of experiences, fostering practices and raising people's awareness that experience is not photo taken from one side, but a grip and a hug of both sides. Without that synergy, without mutuality experience remains empty, often futile and far from expectations. This requires conscious tourists. This requires a new people, the creators of stories, experiences and travel experts who would move focus of tourism primarily to expand and who would by building, offering and realizing programs with tourists feel the power and necessity of these two sides synergies.