Traveler - the third or first pebble of the trip?

The word tourism today most often causes an uncomfortable reminder of the mass, the density, industry, strict rules in offering something that should not be so strict. Tourism has separated from his essence. It is not the only one. It has become a self-identity that has its own rules, spaces, measurable results. It captures all areas of the Earth and the growing mass of people. By the visible manifestation of the effects of the development goals, it needs to offer quality service custom to makers of these services and market opportunities, and managed by earnings. Still insufficiently present in real-world are aspects of really responsible thinking, sustainable development and synergy of ideas and possibilities... The most common are analyzed and presented results of realization of the number of passengers, number of nights, number of beds, number of attractiveness, "must see" attractions etc. Did tourism completely departed from its essence and turned into a network of figures and information?