Brief Interview: Vesna Kostadinović, Owner and GM at the Kraljevi Čardaci Hotel – Kopaonik

18. October 2018
Brief Interview: Vesna Kostadinović, Owner and GM at the Kraljevi Čardaci Hotel – Kopaonik

She was born in 1977 in Kragujevac, where she graduated from the First Kragujevac Gymnasium, and then the Faculty of Law. She deals with hotel business and, as she says, enjoys it. Nine years ago, her husband and she allowed themselves to dream with the opened eyes: everything started from the idea of making a weekend house on Kopaonik, and today they are in a serious hotel business.

Kraljevi Čardaci Hotel has received many prestigious awards, of which she singles out: “Stvaraoci za stoljeća” in 2016 in Dubrovnik, and the same year ”Cvet uspeha za ženu zmaja“ – by the Association of Business Women in Serbia, a recognition for successful business model, as well as the PRESS Star award by the Turistički Svet and the Ambassadors of Quality Service.

She is married and has two daughters, Lenka and Lola.

What would you be, if you were not a hotelier?
I'm a lawyer by profession, but from this perspective, I am glad that I don’t deal with the law. I enjoy dealing with marketing and I am currently very much occupied with it.

Which historical figure would you like to host at the hotel?
I am still under the impression of the death of a professor PhD Vladeta Jerotić. Honestly, I wish he was our guest. I hope he will receive well-earned place in our history.

What do you pay most attention to as a hotel guest?
To professionalism, friendliness and openness of staff, as well as to a hotel’s hygiene.

Which personal skill sets you apart from other hotel managers?
Talent for verbal and non-verbal communication. I like to listen and feel the needs, wishes and suggestions of employees, associates and guests. I often have informal communication with them. And I must point out that the entire management of our hotel makes sure that good energy and relaxation are present in every situation, which everyone needs in these fast and stressful times.

Are you a visionary, strategist, leader, creator or...?
I am in the business with my husband. We are all these together and much more… Brave, above all!

What is the highest value for you, and what is the greatest motivation?
Healthy and strong family. Motivation in business is definitely the emotion that I brought into the business, love for Kopaonik, nature…

Who gave you the most valuable business lesson?
I can’t single out the most precious ones. There were lots of good lessons. You remember most those you learn from your own experience. I have learned a lot from my associates, especially from our hotel manager who has been working as a hotelier for 30 years now, and other lovely people who were willing to share their experience and knowledge.

What are you still dreaming of?
I wish Kopaonik could be active during the whole year. There is so much beauty in it, it’s a pity people visit it only a few months a year. “Čardaci” slowly changes tourists’ awareness that Kopaonik is not just for skiing. That’s one of my dreams. I often dream.

If you had more time – where would you invest it?
I would like to spend more time with my family. To travel more, spend time in nature...

What is your business and life philosophy, and you motto?
Accept the challenge and live what you do... Work well and hope for the best.
And my business motto: Only a satisfied worker is a good worker!

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