Dobar primer iz prakse: Lična poruka gostima Kempinski hotela

16. March 2020
Dobar primer iz prakse: Lična poruka gostima Kempinski hotela

Da je društveno odgovorna kompanija, Kempinski je pokazao i u ovoj kriznoj situaciji izazvanoj pandemijom koronavirusa.

Predsedavajući borda direktora kompanije Kempinski Martin R. Smura obratio se u ime kompanije svim gostima Kempinski hotela ljubaznim pismom obaveštavajući ih o njihovoj spremnosti da se izbore sa trenutnim izazovima i zahvali za dugogodišnju lojalnost kompaniji.

Ovo obraćanje moglo bi da bude dobar primer našim hotelijerima, jer odnose sa gostima treba negovati naročito u kriznim situacija. Gosti to pamte i znaju da uzvrate kada sve polako počne da se vraća u normalu. 

Pismo gospodina prenosimo u originalu:

As a valued guest, I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you on behalf of the entire Kempinski family.

First and foremost, I would like to reassure you that our utmost priority has always been to ensure a healthy and safe hotel environment for all our guests and employees worldwide, at all times – something which is even more significant in the current circumstances.

As we face these uncertain times, our hotel teams worldwide are taking every possible measure to reduce the risks and stresses of travelling. For example:

● We are closely following the recommendations of global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC). A global crisis committee is in place to guide and implement these recommendations in each of our properties.

● Our already stringent hygiene protocols have been reviewed and adapted to the current situation and we have increased the frequency of all our cleaning processes, including the disinfecting of all surfaces in rooms and public areas such as lobbies, elevators, the front desk, etc.

● Our teams have been given clear instructions on how to respond swiftly and appropriately to all presumed cases of coronavirus infection on property, and to provide full support to our guests and employees, addressing their concerns.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) situation is evolving rapidly, and changes in travel arrangements or holiday plans can happen at a moment’s notice. We fully appreciate that such changes are often unsolicited, and wish to inform you that we are responding with increased flexibility. Please note that:

● If you are impacted by unforeseen travel restrictions such as quarantine, flight cancellations, flight stopovers in affected countries or other travel restrictions imposed by local authorities, you can cancel any stay booked prior to March 12th for stays until 30th of April at no charge.

● If your travel plans were related to the rescheduling or cancellation of a trade show, convention or other public events, you can cancel at no charge or rebook in line with the rescheduled date.

● Changes to or cancellations of reservations made through a third-party or any another travel website need to be addressed directly with the vendor.

● Our measures are in line with the official local and federal governments as well as public health authorities, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely and adapt as necessary.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the trust and loyalty you have shown us over the years. At Kempinski, we have proudly represented the traditions of European hospitality for 123 years, and time has shown us that it is always in the most difficult moments that our values of empathy, respect, and exceptional care for our guests, have made a real difference. We have always been dedicated to serve, and this will not be any different today or indeed in the future.

We wish you good health, and we look forward to welcoming you again to one of our hotels in the future.

Sincerely yours

Martin R. Smura
Chairman of the Management Board
and Chief Executive Officer Kempinski AG

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