Tara Dinić – from the corporate world to art and fashion: My mind is my fertile land

02. April 2019
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić
Tara Dinić

She is a brave young woman with an exciting biography that isn’t typical for a person of her age. She grew up and lived between Serbia, Britain, Saudi Arabia and Greece. She graduated in the field of Finance and Investment at The Reading University and got the masters degree in International marketing at The King’s College in London. She got a job in Bechtel company. While she was working in the corporate world, Tara Dinić began painting. At the beginning, painting was her hobby, but in time it has become her main occupation.

● Who gave you the biggest support when you decided to leave steady job in Bechtel and start your own business by entering into the world of painting, and later in fashion?

- The biggest support comes certainly from my parents and brother Petar. I must say that I have been blessed with such parents, because they perceive everything as a challenge, and challenges, unlike problems, can easily be solved. I like to say that my mind is my fertile land, because what you plant – that’s what will you grow. I am happy that my parents have supported all my positive ideas, which developed gradually.

● How would you describe your paintings?

- I work with acrylic paint on canvas. I often draw provocative political details and things that inspire me during travelling, as well. Since 2018, my work has been exhibited in the galleries: The Art Dose (Athens) and Imitate Modern (Mayfair, London). So far, most of my paintings have been sold to private individuals or designers, who decorate luxury suites and yachts, so many of my artworks “sail” across the world.

A wise vision of the market

● Having in mind your love for easel and colours, how did the idea of the business in fashion appeared? You have been creating fur coats, for several years.

- Back then, when I was working at Bechtel, I came up to an idea to design fur coats and, believe it or not, for the Middle East - Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait…It may sound paradoxically, because you may think that women don’t need fur coats at +50°C. But knowing that those women travel a lot and love to wear furs of the highest quality, I decided that they would be my clientele. Now, after three years of being on that market and reputation that my fur coats have in the most prestigious shops, I can say that I had a wise vision of the market. I create a new collection each year and fur coats are produced uniquely and manually in Kastoria (Greece). I combine fur with lace, cashmere and silk.

● In May, 2018, you launched the summer collection of bags with Serbian ethno motifs. Where did you find the inspiration for such project?

- On one of my journeys, I met Sun tanned women, Inka's descendants, wearing colourful ethno dresses. These women deal with handicrafts and motifs of their region.
I knew that in Serbia there are beautiful ethno motifs and that the women are very talented for handicrafts. I wished to show our motifs, colours and skills to the world. I contacted the women’s associations for handicrafts preservation in the towns of Pančevo and Inđija. They were happy, willing and proud to weave and tie the bags for the summer, which the women in London will wear, as well as in LA, Greek islands and the Middle East. The brand is named Kustor & Pollux (by the twins from the Greek mythology, and as I am also a Gemini by astrology). Summer bags are sold on the Internet and in many shops on the Greek islands, London and Zurich.
This project is not only the reflection of my ideas and creativity, but it is the way to help hard-working and skillful women in Serbia to show their works to the world, to be recognized outside their country and to have their own financial independence.
Life in own rhythm

● Today, you live on three destinations: London–Athens–Belgrade. What do you like in each of these cities? What do you miss the most when you leave Serbia?

- When people asked the American writer Mark Twain where he would like to live: in heaven or in hell, he replied: “In heaven because of the climate, and in hell because of the company”. I also think something like that.
In Belgrade, I love people’s kindness and I like their opened, sometimes raw honesty, as well. In Athens, I like the relaxed way of living, sea and the climate, and London is where I have friends the most (and where I was born). There, I live my life in my own rhythm. The entire city is like a big cocktail of people, who inspire me and always push me to go forward. In Belgrade, I like the sound of the St. Sava Church’s bells at noon, when they powerfully dominate the city. At that moment, I open my windows wide, so I can hear the bells ring.

● Who is your favourite painter?

- I respect Milena Barili, her talent and courage to be unconventional. Her perception of reality moved the borders of the time she lived in. The paintings look like they levitate, filled with the enigma of fantasy, symbols and layers of metaphors. The painting The Bath of Venus seduces with its complexity, vibrant secrets and worries. That painting shows me something new each time I look at it.

● Who do you think of when you say: personality with style? Who would you like to see wearing your fur coats one day?

- I think of my grandmothers Mima and Vera, who were the true ladies with style. My company is named after them (www.mimivera.com). Otherwise, I would’ve loved to work for Grace Kelly, if she was still alive. And today, I think that my models would look great on the Queen Rania of Jordan, who has innate elegance.

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