Skål International - EXCLUSIVELY: INNOVATIONS – key factor for overcoming the crisis!

08. June 2020
Ilustracija, foto: Pixabay
Ilustracija, foto: Pixabay

There is no doubt that tourism is most affected by the Covid-19 virus pandemic. The situation in Europe is catastrophic: businesses are on their knees and millions of jobs are at risk. Concerns are growing, given that a possible second wave of the epidemic has been announced in the fall, and all eyes are on governments and state institutions from which solutions are expected. Meanwhile, some travel companies have suspended cooperation with startup companies, arguing that they must focus on "core business", while many traveltech entrepreneurs have announced the cessation of operations. For most, quite wrongly, innovation is no longer a priority.

- That is why it is our obligation - says Laurent Queige, CEO of Welcome CityLab, a member of the Skål International Paris club – to remind all members of the travel industry that innovation is a key factor in overcoming the crisis.

Each year, the Welcome City Lab, by analyzing the positions taken by startups internationally, tries to conclude what are the main trends in innovation that will have an impact on the entire tourism industry in the near future. The results are then published in a trend book. Thus, the 4th book of trends entitled "The Major trends in tourism, now and in the future" was recently presented to the public, created with the serious support of the world's largest organization of tourism professionals Skål International. Thanks to the approval of the leading people at Skål, we present this trend book in its original form as an exclusive material to the readers of the Turisticki Svet with the belief that, especially at this time, it will be useful in their search for new, innovative business solutions.

Skål International was founded in 1934 in Paris. It is the only professional organization that promotes global tourism and friendship, bringing together all tourism industry sectors. This organization has more than 13.500 members – managers in tourism industry, organized in 343 Skål clubs in 101 countries! Serbia, unfortunately, is not a member of this organization, but in time of our tourism industry legends Bane Jelović, Tripo Tošutović, as well as Mirjana Ljubinković and Branko Krasojević (still in business) and many others, Serbia was a member of this elite world organization of tourism professionals and in Belgrade was founded the Skål club Beograd. Starting from this year the only representative of the Skål International is Ljiljana Rebronja, the editor in chief of the Turistički Svet, a member of Skål cluba Sofia. More about this association:

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