XV Forum of Hoteliers 23-25. November on Zlatibor – The meeting of the creators of the future!

16. October 2018
XV Forum of Hoteliers 23-25. November on Zlatibor – The meeting of the creators of the future!

Jubilee XV Forum of Hoteliers with regional participation, which also includes the award giving ceremony “Ambassador of Quality Service” will be held from 23rd to 25th November at Grand Hotel Tornik on Zlatibor, organized by the Turistički Svet magazine with institutional support of the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunication, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Singidunum University.

„On the Path from a VISION to a REALIZATION “

How to make dreams come true, why is that journey often close to be a mission impossible, what kind of logistics is really needed for the sustainable future to be created, where are visible and invisible holes on the path to its realization and how to avoid them, what is waiting for all of us at the top, and what behind it... are just some of the precious experiences and dilemmas that eminent investors, hoteliers from the country and the region, consultants, representatives of the academy elite, ministries, professional associations from Serbia and the region will share with the XV Forum’s participants... within the topic we turned to the itinerary called: „On the PATH from a VISION to a REALIZATION“.

- Participants will be privileged to hear live the creators of the future – visionaries and leader of the hotel industry, who will share their knowledge, experiences and vision of the future of one of the most prosperous and fastest growing industries in the world! It will also be a great opportunity to meet most successful ones in the accompanying industries and institutions, exchange thoughts with the development carriers, network, and gain new business contacts – to meet with those who had long ago understood that knowledge and forehand information - are the only treasure that is being enlarged by sharing – says Ljiljana Rebronja, director of the Forum of Hoteliers.

Hoteliers’ “Oscar”

Within the Forum at the award ceremony will be given for the 13th time this year annual elite awards “Ambassadors of Quality Service” to the most successful hoteliers and their partners.

More information about the Forum and registration - HERE.

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