MoReSCE 2018: an event that moved the boundaries of the development of the business platform of the mountain centers of Central Europe

17. September 2018
MoReSCE 2018: an event that moved the boundaries of the development of the business platform of the mountain centers of Central Europe

The 2nd Summit of Mountain Centers of Central Europe - MoReSCE 2018 was held in Zlatibor in the period 10-12 September, gathering leaders and prominent experts from the countries of the region.

Organized by the JP "Skijališta Srbije" and the Center for Tourism Research and Studies from Novi Sad, supported by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Tourist Organization of Serbia and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, MoReSCE was designed to initiate business meetings and to develop at the same time.

In addition to numerous panels with extremely interesting and useful topics, business meetings were held, where the leading manufacturers of technical equipment for ski resorts and ski centers, investors and international experts created and improved cooperation and exchange experiences through discussions on the sustainable development of mountain centers, investment opportunities such as and innovative solutions for marketing and branding of ski destinations.

The first day of the Summit was dedicated to the opening ceremony where Dejan Cika, General Director of the Public Company "Skijališta Srbije" and Zoran Ostojic were speaking, the chief of infrastructure projects at the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

The second day of the Summit was programmatically oriented towards sustainable development and future planning of mountain centers, incentives, opportunities for public private partnership, marketing and branding in the region. Participation was taken by representatives of the Mountain Rescue Service from Serbia, as well as the International Ski Patrol with the association of ski lifts from Slovenia.

Conclusions of Summit of the Central European Mountain Centers defined the guidelines for the biennial events, with suggestions for the next time to be decision-makers from  Ministries in the region and the initiative to present plans and possibilities for the development of mountain centers and common tourism products through a joint panel. At the Summit, 135 delegates took part from Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Montenegro and Serbia.

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