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Radomir Samčević: ŠTA JE TO RECEPCIJA

A book "Šta je to recepcija" (Front desk- what is that), by the author Radomir Samčević, owner of the Agency for consulting and management in hospitality and tourism HT, is an exclusive issue of the publishing company Gastro print. The book was published in 2012 and it soon became a hit among professional publications of the same publisher. Find out why!

Price: 880 Dinars + postage costs.

You can order your copy on or +381 11 30 50 789.




Efikasno hotelsko domaćinstvo

Authors Dr Mirko Lončar, Milana Šušnjar, Ljiljana Rebronja

III revised edition - Publisher: “GASTRO print”

A handbook “Efikasno hotelsko domaćinstvo” (Efficient hotel housekeeping) for hotel housekeeping staff: a way to successful and profitable hotel.

From the content:

  • Responsibilities and activities of the hotel housekeeping department; organization; work coordination; cooperation with other departments, budgeting...
  • Hotel housekeeping staff; basic regulations for good service; team work; callings, duties and responsibilities of the employees...
  • Selection and training of the staff; motivation, stimulation, monitoring and reviewing...
  • Standards hotel housekeeping department; room maintenance; evening service; analysis of the guest comments...
  • Useful examples from the practice...

Price: 880 Dinars + postage costs
You can order your copy on or +381 11 30 50 789.

Operativni priručnik za sobarice

Company Gastro print from Belgrade published “Operativni prirucnik za sobarice” (Operating handbook for hotel housekeepers), by the author Milana Šušnjar, whi is also an author of the first handbook for hotel housekeeping managers “Efikasno hotelsko domaćinstvo”. The lasts handbook is created primarily for current and future generations of housekeepers, as well as for those who wish to update, and complete their knowledge of hotel housekeeping, the biggest and most important hotel department. As modern guests are getting more demanding and expect premium quality service, with the respect of professional standards – this handbook will be of priceless wealth for education of the housekeepers, who are in a constant interaction with guests.
In the handbook can be found among other thing: what are responsibilities of housekeepers, how they should prepare for work, more about the communication, professional look, cooperation with other departments, VIP service, standards of the hotel cosmetics and textile, as well as many other thing and information necessary for doing serious and responsible housekeeping job, of which in the most cases depend satisfaction of guests and – management.

Price: 450 Dinars + postage costs
You can order your copy on or +381 11 30 50 789.

Unique handbook in Serbia for HACCP in hospitality

If you are preparing for implementation of HACCP and search for right information about the implementation of this hygiene standard, than you should order the only handbook written especially for hospitality professionals! This handbook will help you understand why you really need HACCP, how it works, its contributions and why you just need to implement it if you wish to work in this business with quality, regardless of the fact that hygiene standards were already your priority.

Unlike many other manuals written by those who understand well in groceries, but have poorly or no knowledge of hospitality, author of this handbook is Muradin Rebronja, who in a simple, understanding way, as a colleague, describes what is HACCP, demystifying it’s standards, making it understandable and approachable on all levels – from dish washer to kitchen and restaurant manager.

Price: 900 Dinars + postage costs
You can order your copy on or +381 11 30 50 789.


Under the patronage of H.R. H Crown Prince Aleksandar II, publishing company „Gastro print“ and magazine „Turistički Svet“ published exclusive monograph „Serbian Royal Spas“. This luxury edition (on Serbian and English language), protected by the hologram, is very interesting written material about eight renowned Serbian spas with „royal“ background: Vrnjačka spa, Ribarska spa, Koviljača spa, Bukovička spa, Niška spa, Sokobanja, Vranjska spa and Brestovačka spa.

Using historiography data and photo documentations from the period of 19th century and a first half of the 20th century, regarding royal families Karadjordjević and Obrenović, as well as facts those spas today, it is told a journalist, history precise, unpretentious, authentic story about our spas, which once were trendy and cultural centre of Serbia, then about the development of spa tourism, as well as about two most influential ruling families in Serbia and creation of modern Serbian state.

It is worth of reading, equally as giving it as a present to someone whose opinion you care about, because it is at the same time authentic, interesting book and original promotional material, of which could be proud both spas with royal past and Serbia.

Author of the monograph „Serbian Royal Spas“ is a journalist of the „Turistički Svet“ Zdravka Bubreško, and the reviewer is history professor Dr Čedomir Antić, a member of Crown Council.

You can order your copy of the monograph on or +381 11 30 50 789.