Hotel Sloboda - Šabac

Address: Trg Šabačkih žrtava bb
Town: Šabac
Telephone number: +381 15 600 700

About us

The renovated Sloboda Hotel - a luxurious hotel building in downtown of Sabac is undoubtedly the symbol of Sabac again and part of life of its inhabitants. At the hitel side there is the town pedestrian zone, and you can exit the hotel onto the central town square.

With its sophisticated interior, quality service and professional staff, the Sloboda Hotel has distinguished as the center of most of the town's events, the center of business and intellectual elite, but also the cult point of new generations. The hotel hosts various celebrations, wedding and graduation parties, and for business meetings there is a big conference center with four multifunctional halls.

The guests who wish to relax and recreate in the beautiful environement, there is a modern two-levelled spa and wellness center, with varied offer, as well as a fitness center.

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